MuseumDigit 2019

Prof. dr. Jerzy GAWRONSKI:  A dive into history: an extraordinary museum below the surface

Alexandre MATOS: Digital skills for change and innovation: Mu.SA project goals and insights

LOBODA Zoltán: Why digital competence matters: the development and application of the Competence Framework

KÓMÁR Éva: MyMuseumap: Access For All

Roundtable discussion on the Public Digitization Strategy

Angie JUDGE: AI and the future of museums

Jean-François THULL: A new way of understanding public knowledge: the example of the dungeon of Loches

RÉPÁSZKY Lipót: The many faces one person can have: learning algorithms in the archive

Dr. GYIRES-TÓTH Bálint: Possibilities and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

MIKLÓS Ferenc, SZÁVAI Gyula, VESZELOVSZKI Péter: Smart museums, smart museologists: interactive presentation

Marie-Clarté O’NEILL: How can digital support museum education?

Maria Chiara CIACCHERI: Accessibility is the future: how to deal with it in museums?

Ece ÖZDIL: Embracing diversity in museum’s world: a discovery into emphatic and systemic competencies of design

FARKASNÉ Dr. GÖNCZI Rita: Inclusion and beyond: equal access in the cultural sector

MINKÓ Mihály: Information is beautiful: data visualisation in museum spaces

SZ. FEJES Ildikó: Visibility, interpretation, analysis: visualized data and what is behind it

Laurien DE GELDER, Karolina BADZMIEROWSKA: Travelling through the Middle Ages: the Cross Culture Timeline in the Allard Pierson

Eric JOAKIM: Making the invisible visible: Development in Multispectral Imaging and technical photography

Have Your Say Informal table talks in sixty minutes Dr. CSORBA Gábor, CSORDÁS Izabella

MuseumDigit 2018

Daffyd James: Structuring For Digital Success 1.

Kati Price: Structuring for Digital Success 2. 

Monika Hagedorn-Saupe: CIDOC Goals and Activities

Barend Verheijen: Tailored Storytelling: Turning Important Stories into Emotional Journeys

Tünde Lengyelné Molnár dr.: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Effects

Miklós Fehér  – Máté Tóth : A New Cultural Statistics Software for tne National Széchényi Library

Béla Tamás Kónya : Preserving digital content and media art in the museum

Ildikó Sz. Fejes : OMMIK online

Magali Mallet-Clémence: Immersion in WW2 History and iPad

 Ildikó Pap: Vác – Mummy project

Mónika Lengyel  – Attila Szabó : The Hungarian Theater Memory Portal 

Dr. Mária Lontai : GDPR in the museum 

Edina Németh : Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe 

Douglas McCarthy: Connecting Culture with Europeana

Éva Kómár : MuseuMap – museum aggregation, 2018

Dr. Attila László Főző : The Century of Digital Literacy

Eva Fog:  Why Does GENDER Matter in IT? 

Dr. Réka Racskó : Measuring Digital Transformation

Anna Czékmány – Zsolt Kulcsár : The museum’s all yours!

MuseumDigit 2017

Zsolt Bánki, Ildikó Sz. Fejes: Digital society – museum digitization ​

Éva Kómár: The renewal of the MuseuMap aggregation service in line with the Public Collection Digitalisation Strategy

László Tokai: Data management of national assets in cloud solutions

János Káldos: Digitization plans of the National Széchényi Library and the Digital Strategy of Heritage

Zoltán Szatucsek: The digitalization strategy of the National Archives of Hungary

Júlia Katona: Europeana – an integration alternative for Hungarian collections

Elżbieta Wysocka: Film archive’s and new media collections in art museums

Lipót Répászky: The role of community in preserving audiovisual heritage in the long term

György Ráduly: Film archives and preservation

Antonio Rodriguez: Exhibitions without borders: transcendig boundaries through media and technology

Rutger Rozendal: MuPop Museum

Hajnalka Tarr: Artworks of young autistic artists in virtual reality – Digitizing and publishing exhibitions

Zsolt Mráv, Hadzijanisz Konsztantinosz: 3D Documentation of the Seuso Treasure – Methods and Strategies

Cristiano Bianchi: Museum information management systems

Ildikó Sz. Fejes: MuzeumStat. More than just statistics

Gergely Kecskeméti, Dávid Rózsa: In the footsteps of museums: modernisation of the national library statistics data collection system

Simone Stoltz: Media education in heritage

András Micsik: The COURAGE project

László Drótos, Márton Németh: Web-museum, web-library, web-archives: responsibility of memory institutions in the preservation of the digital culture

MuseumDigit 2016

Ineta Zelča Sīmansone: Museums and creative industries. What’s it all about?

Tom Pursey: Experience art with all your senses

John Cheeseman: Bungaree’s Farm – Mosman Art Gallery

Dr. Alessandro Califano: Museums’ role in fostering and managing geographically related cultural heritage digital information surveys. Based on a Central Asian case study

Nadja Valentinčič Furlan: Films in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum and on its webpages

András Török: More and Less Than a Museum: Success and Failure at Fortepan Online Archive

Zoltán Szatucsek: Preservation of digital records – The E-ARK Project

Aleš Kapsa: MUSAIONfilm – 2017: the 20th year of festival of the museum’s films

Dr. János Tari: The change of the interactive digital interpretation of cultural heritage in museums, pilot study result of winners 2000 and 2015 F@imp festivals in Budapest

Ildikó Sz. Fejes: Museum festival in the digital age. The AVICOM F@IMP multimedia festival

Krisztina Vágó: Digital wayfinding solutions in museums

Ádám Horváth: How to make your data public domain

Dr. István Szakadát: The potential of national namespaces

Rudolf Ungváry: Development of a geographical name area – methodology of admission of place names

Dragos Bem Neamu: Digit soup for museums

Pavel Kats: Innovating Europeana

Marcin Kłos: Digitization in Polish museums – an overview from various perspectives

Lada Dražin-Trbuljak: The experience of the Museum Documentation Centre (MDC) in the development of a digital museum platform: we want our website to bring the Croatian museum community to life online

Martha Henson: Can museums make good games, and should they?

Michael Faber: Digital/audio-visual media for guests with special needs – Examples of the development in German Museums

Karina Durand Velasco: Virtual workshops in Latin America – Lessons on heritage, museums and cultural management

MuseumDigit 2015

Dóra Péter: Challenges for the ICOM membership

Mar Dixon: The shift from academic to emotive – are museums prepared?

Simona Caraceni: Technological cultural landscapes

Ildikó Sz. Fejes: MuzeumStat. Museums in numbers

Natalia Tolstaya: ADIT

Ádám Horváth: The reference model of aggregation: Synergy

Kornél Tóth, Márton Németh:  Various perspectives in museum digitisation

Zsófia Ruttkay: Instead of QR codes – digital strategy in museums

Samuel Franco Arce: Treasures of Nepal

Béla Kónya: Save as

Gábor Faludi: Cloud based services and copyright

Olga Kissel: Internet Festival of Museum Multimedia „Museum Geek”

Hu Jiang: The Core Values of Shanghai Museum’s digitalization construction

Bob Haroutunian: National September 11th Memorial Museum technical design

Stéphane Bezombes: Digital design and audience engagement

Héléne Bernier: From visitor to dancer: using digital media and immersive technology to curate the performing arts

István Moldován: Masses in the service of public collections

Tímea Kókai Nagy: New generations in museums

Richárd Fromann: Gamification motivation tools for museum renewal

Virginie Berdal: HistoPad Chambord

András Smohay, András Cseri: Indoor localization based on iBeacon and EddyStone in the Diocesan Museum of Székesfehérvár

Gábor Tatai: Content, Visitor Management and Technology – Determining the Level of Harmony. Case study on the opening of the Parliament Museum

MuseumDigit 2014

Dr. Csaba Kelemen: National Infocommunication Strategy

Gabriella Fukker: Developing opportunities 2014-2020

Edina Németh: Digital content, digital culture in Horizon 2020

Joris Pekel: Europeana strategy 2020

Lajos Lovas: National aggregation and the long-term preservation program 2014-2020

Ildikó Sz. Fejes: MuseuMap. The first national museum aggregation service

Ágoston Berger: Building museum aggregates in the Hungarian National Museum – project background work

Dr. Judit Tóvári: Digital archives in the service of protecting cultural heritage

Zsolt Bánki: Terminology mapping software development in AthenaPlus projects

Szabolcs Serfőző: Digitization of Art Nouveau works within the scope of Partage Plus project

László Peregovits, Miklós Rajczy: Europeana-projects in the Hungarian Natural History Museum

Jasper Visser: Museums in times of technological and social change

Tímea Kókay Nagy: Cultural brand building by digital devices

Egor Yakovlev: Storytelling and multimedia

János Tari: New international trends in audiovisual and digital museology. The winners of AVICOM/FIAMP 2014 Moscow

Magdolna Nagy: – from the concept  to the international recognition

Éva Kómár: The use of digital storytelling in the preservation of digital cultural heritage

Kelly Cannon: Object: Photo. Modern Photographs: The Thomas Walther Collection 1909–1949

Zita Sor: Digital prints in collections

Péter Peti: High-performance photographic processes in digitizing sensitive works of art

Zoltán Szatucsek: The contents of National Archives of Hungary on the European Archives Portal

Ildikó Boros: The digitization project of the Library of the Parliament

Szabolcs  Dancs: ELDORADO: a European approach to digital content service

Zsófia Ruttkay: Expanding the museum experience by digital technology

Balázs Mischinger: 3D digitization – works of art and 3D printing in museums

András Fehér: Top art technology solutions in the protection of monuments and architecture

MuseumDigit 2013

lldikó Sz. Fejes: Museum digitization and the Europe 2020 Strategy

Ferenc Kneisz, Edina Németh: Digital content in the European Union’s current and future projects

Tamás Máray: NIIF services for museums

Dr. Erika Mayer: Virtual museum tour through the copyright law lecturer

Gabriella Ivacs: Dilemmas of copyright law concerning Europeana, cultural heritage and archives

Zsolt Bánki: Convergence of integrated systems in cultural heritage institutes

János Káldos: Library digitization and the ELDORADO Project

Zoltán Szatucsek: European archival projects, the archives and the Europeana

Dr. István Kenyeres: Developments in archive digital content providing: portal of the Hungarian Archives, e-archive and e-archive portal   

Ádám Horváth: Linked open data

Regine Stein: LIDO – Lightweight information describing objects in practice

Gábor Palkó: Digital philology, publishing scholarly text editions online

Marzia Piccininno: Aggregation models in Italy

Dr. Gunther Reisinger: Digital source criticism in museological contexts

Gordon McKenna: The influence of collection management systems on museums

Marcin Werla: The possible future of Europeana: the cloud solutions  

Roxanne Wyns: Aggregation models and practice in Europe

Ross Parry: The postdigital museum