Exhibitors 2019

MuseumDigit Exhibitors in 2019

In 2014, HP announced plans to separate into two new publicly traded Fortune 50 companies: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a provider of HP’s market-leading enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services, and HP Inc. An industry-leading technology company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) enables customers to move faster and further in their operations. Instead of separating hardware, software and services, it focuses purely on business strategy. With a uniquely wide portfolio – from cloud services to data centre to workplace applications – it helps customers create more efficient, productive and secure IT across the globe through a variety of technologies and services.

Histovery is the premier company in France for cultural outreach through cutting-edge technology. Since 2013, we design, produce and operate “augmented visit” solutions, to best showcase monuments, museums, and tourist sites with our tablet, the HistoPad. Our Hungary-based interdisciplinary team accompanies our partners through each stage of creating their VR/AR experience, to deliver a « ready-to-use» solution for the HistoPad.

Tripont Foto Video Ltd is a supplier of all major photography and video-related equipment. We are the major representative for the key brands in Hungary and the region. Since 2013, we have focused on cultural heritage digitalization. We supply the most up-to-date, efficient technologies for all aspects of cultural heritage digitalization, from photographing the artifact to the creation of an efficient and searchable sharing site. Our most important brands include the PhaseOne iXG 100mpx digitizing system, the most up-to-date tool for high resolution digitization of sensitive artwork; the Treventus ScanRobot for automatic scanning of bound documents; ScanGate postprocessing software; ScanFlow process control software; and Nainuwa electronic archives for research.

ARWorks was created in 2010 to develop Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality applications for our business partners. Today, our development team of more than 40 people develops native (iOS, Android) mobile applications alongside AR / VR projects. Over the years, more than 300 successful projects have been realized in several countries of the world. In addition to custom orders, today we also have several self-developed products on the market, including event organizing applications and office access systems or VR simulation training.

Testo (Magyarország) Ker. Kft has been the official distributor of Testo measuring instruments in Hungary since 1992. Designed for the conservation of works of art, the data loggers provide a complete monitoring solution for ambient conditions.

EnITLab Ltd was established in 2010. Since that time, we are focusing on research and development on the field of future proof and innovative mobile IT solutions. After several years of development, we have created a unique brand for our location-based solutions framework under the name Locbee™. 5 years ago our company created the first indoor localization based digital museum guide system in Hungary, and from that time we had several successful implementations at our customers. Our latest project is with Matthias Church, the most visited tourist attraction in Hungary, and will be finished in this year.

PreservArt Kft. is engaged in the distribution of archival storage materials and related services. As an exclusive distributor in Hungary, we have the complete range of Polish BESKID products for the production of archival storage products, but we also sell the archival products of many manufacturers.

In addition to paper and photo conservation, our services include designing housings, presentation, exhibition and packaging systems for works of art, conducting inventory surveys, and developing preservation strategy for work of arts.

Qulto® has gained its expertise from two decades of experience in the field of cultural heritage and knowledge management IT. In addition to off-the-shelf software products, our team of skilled developers, designers and IT staff are ready to created tailored software solutions to meet the needs of cultural institutions. Qulto® develops virtual exhibitions, AR/VR solutions, attractions and games. Our integrated Qulto® solutions can be found in more than 500 domestic and international museums, libraries and archives. .

What is Museum Atlas Guide? Museum Atlas Guide is a mobile application for museums and exhibitions developed by Corneus Techmology Kft. This application offers a cost effective way of giving an audio-visual guide service to visitors. It gives a content (text, picture, voice) belonging to a unique QR code, which offers a complete guided tour experience. The easy and flexible content management, multilinguality and the transparent costs give its uniqueness. Its aim is to make the job of exhibitors much more easier beside helping visitors getting experience and knowledge. Museum Atlas guide takes all the IT burden off the exhibitors in order that they can concentrate on the most important thing: to create a professional and interesting exhibition content.

Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) is a non-profit organization with a professional background stretching back to the last decades. TPF aims to strengthen the European dimension in the field of education and training. The NGO’s main task is the management of EU’s Erasmus+ programme, which supports scholarships, mobility and cooperation programmes in the field of education, training, youth and sport. With Erasmus+ adult education, museums can develop their trainings, workshops and initiatives – tailored to the needs of today’s society. 

The main profile of our company is the knowledge, design, and transfer of constantly developing and changing IT systems to our clients. Currently, we mainly deal with museum information technology solutions, using various advanced (AR, AiO, RasberryPI, etc.) software and hardware techniques to implement our clients’ ideas.

Artivive is an easy to use Augmented Reality tool that allows creatives and art institutions to create new dimensions of art by linking physical with digital art. The digital layer opens the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. Artists can take visitors on a journey in time and explain what lies behind, enhance the art with animations or show how the artworks were made. For museums, galleries and other institutions Artivive offers a new and innovative way for the audience to interact with the exhibits. More than 31.000 artists are creating artworks with Artivive and having exhibitions in 97+ countries. Artivive also positioned as tool such as Albertina museum and Belvedere museum in Vienna and Shanghai Himalayas Museum. Visitors have to use only their smartphones or tablets in order to experience the augmented reality layer.

We help museums in Hungary and around the world engage their visitors with our interactive installations. Made with custom design and development, the works we deliver communicate information through play, spectacle and imagination. We create value for our partners with the means of art and technology.


Event photos by Máté LAKOS