MuseumDigit is organized by the Hungarian National Museum’s National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information. Being a showcase of innovative digital cultural trends and solutions, our conference welcomes heritage and museum professionals, decision makers, researchers, developers, IT specialists, creatives and communication experts. This year’s program and speakers are listed in the Program menu item.


In the history of MuseumDigit, as everywhere in the world, a new chapter began with the pandemic. We recognized early that we need to change the framework of the conference and say good-bye to some of its benefits – the joy of meeting in person, the splendid interior of the National Museum.
So we developed a new format.   
We found a new and innovative solution we have not seen elsewhere. MuseumDigit is now stepping out of the walls of the National Museum and inviting participants to enter a virtual space. The conference will take place in an imaginary, virtual space supplemented with online events.
Wandering freely among the pavilions, visitors can watch the talks according to their interests, unbound by space and time, during the conference on November 26 and 27, 2020. We hope to reach the widest possible audience and let them dive into the mindsets of today’s museum thinkers, therefore talks are translated and subtitled both in English and Hungarian. All the presentations are accessible FREE of charge. To participate, please register here.


Join us on our pioneering journey, be part of our team. Present your company, service or project at the conference or on our online platforms. Write to us for more information:


An imaginary virtual space. A  never existing environment which is accessible, walkable, perceptible by anybody, from anywhere, anytime. A space where we can enjoy an outdoor space and being protected. Worth a try, just register here!


The inventors and developers of MuseumDigit 2020:

  • Ildikó Sz. Fejes (MNM OMMIK head of department): management, concept
  • Viktória Iván (MNM OMMIK online communication strategist): program concept, program organization, communication, content development
  • Virág Csejdy (MNM OMMIK online communication manager): creative concept, media design and content editing, communication, program organization
  • Krisztina Farkas (MNM OMMIK museum computer scientist): IT concept, 3DVista programming
  • Rita Kovács (MNM OMMIK online content editor): creative concept review
  • Annamária Botos (MNM OMMIK administrator): administration
  • Ágnes Katona (translator): translation of the descriptions and subtitles of lectures in English and Hungarian
  • Ákos Kappéter (graphic designer): corporate identity, graphic elements
  • Bence Szabó (architect): virtual space design, 3D architecture
  • Máté Lakos (photographer): video works, editing

Special thanks to our speakers for contributing in the MuseumDigit promotion video spot: 
Ivor Crotty from Moscow
Brad Dunn from Chicago
Susie Anderson and Niels Wouters from Melbourne
Zuszsanna Nagy-SándorÁgnes Telek, Szilvia Fábián and Szabolcs Czifra  from Budapest
István Ringer from Sátoraljaújhely